PCMC's Executive Team

Ray L. Shoemaker, MBA
Rural Healthcare Developers-Chief Executive Officer, Founder
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M Kent Strum
Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Allison, BBA
Chief Financial Officer
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Gladys Anderson, BSN
Chief Nursing Officer
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We are pleased to offer the community excellent primary care provided by our full-time physicians. In addition to our medical staff, there are specialists in orthopedics, hematology / oncology, pain management, cardiology, urology and opthalmology that come to Erin on a regular basis. They travel so you don't have to go far to receive the care you need.

With any healthcare organization, the cornerstone are the people that work day in and day out caring for patients and their families. Patients' Choice Medical Center is no exception. Our physicians and staff combine compassion with professional skills enabling us to offer a unique quality rarely found in healthcare today.

PCMC-Erin is striving to bring high-quality, compassionate care to you and your family while keeping you close to home. If there is a way we can serve you please call us at 931.289.4211.

Come, experience our caring.

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