Patients' Choice Medical Center's Imaging Department

The Imaging Department strives to give continued high quality healthcare. We work to insure that each hospital patient, outpatient, or emergency room patient receives the best possible imaging sevices and that each Healthcare Provider is confident in the fact that the personnel in the Imaging Department is qualified to perform each examination. The Imaging Department only employees Registered Technologist to complete all Imaging porcedures.

PCMC-Erin offers several modalities in the Imaging Department and they are as follows:

Diagnostic Imaging
Head/Sinuses/Facial Bones
Spine Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar
Upper Extremities
Lower Extremities
IVP's (Intravenous Pyelograms

Esophograms/Barium Swallows
GI (Gastrointestinal tract)
Barium Enemas
Small Bowel Series
Foreign Body Location

Computerized Tomography (CT/CAT Scan)
Chest including Pulminary Embolus Protocol
Abdomen including Renal Stone Protocol

Pelvis including Transvaginal
Carotid Doppler
Venous Doppler
Arterial Doppler


Bone Densitometry
PCMC-Erin has a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) mobile unit available one day a week.

The hospital uses a Teleradiology system. We send exams to be read by the Radiologist via DSL line. This decrease the turn around time healthcare givers have waiting on patient reports. Our diagnostic images are digitized while our CT and Ultrasound are captured directly.

Austin Peay State University began a two-year Radiology Technology program in 2004 and PCMC, along with five other facilities, became a site for clinical training. Roy Duncan is the Clinical Instructor and was voted "Instructor of the Year' by the graduating class. We are working to ensure the future of healthcare is of the highest quality.

If you have questions concerning any aspect of the the Imaging Department please cal the Imaging Manager at 289-4211 ext. 138 or 185.

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